Mindfulness via the Zoom platform on a Thursday morning

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you are all well and safe. Finding ourselves in the position where our days are filled with such unknown uncertainty can feel incredibly challenging, with fear giving the covid-19 virus a serious contender for our attention.

Focusing on one moment at a time, one breath at a time, focusing on our reality right now, whether we are with family, in the garden, feeling the sun (or even hailstones!) on our bodies, talking with friends, enables us to be, to find our centre as the world around us dances this dance of such an extraordinary global pause...

Each of you who have come to my groups have hopefully experienced the deep relaxation and stillness that practicing meditation can bring. For me, my practise of meditation encourages me to sit, to be still, to breathe, grounding myself so I can be as present as possible in my days during these times.

I have been exploring possibilities of how I can hold regular meditation groups online until we can once again meet in person. With Mary's support I have decided to offer a free meditation class every Thursday morning on the Zoom platform. Depending on how many of you would like to participate I may offer two groups, the first beginning at 10.30 am Thursday, 9th April.

I ran a test session with Suzanne and Stephanie and it appears that Zoom offers one of the best platforms that we can use, it flows beautifully - although seeing my face on a screen may take me awhile to adjust too! It cannot replace us all being in the Primrose Centre together but hopefully the platform will help keep us mindful of being present rather than being swept away in the fear.

Anyone who wishes to join in the group please send in your email and I will send you an invitation to join the 'meeting'. You will need to sign up to Zoom in order to join in, this is free to do.

I offer these groups for free but I ask that you make a donation to the Primrose Centre, so we can continue to offer our very best support to you all, during these turbulent times and in the months ahead.